Biblical Integration in the Christian School

The real litmus test of the Christian School is the degree to which the school can stand behind the banner claim of “Biblical Integration.” The real and eternal value of a Christian school education is nothing short of this – that we teach all truth and show students that all truth is in fact of God. How important this is to a generation that is being told they can invent their own definitions of truth, in any area they want, including gender, creation, morality, identity and more!

In the Christian school, we often go back to a seminal work by Frank Gaebelein in the early 1960’s who most clearly raised the flag, “All truth is God’s truth”. Maybe simple, but so profound: if something is really true over time, then it is of God. This is both an incredible freedom for us at JRHS, but also a significant responsibility to handle appropriately.

Gaebelein gave a series of lectures which is now entitled “The Pattern of God’s Truth”. In one lecture, he poses, “The Problem of Integration”, where, “at first glance, there seem to be two separate things before us: God’s truth, and the matter of integration. In reality however, the two are closely linked. God’s truth is of universal scope. This being the case, every aspect of education must be brought into relation to it.”  The importance of this in the Christian school program is supreme, as all of our decisions must first address this overarching framework. The integration of truth, faith and learning is the lasting distinctive of Jesse Remington High School.

Here’s one small example of this I experienced recently in my Junior Senior Western Civilization class. I had brought the students through a couple of prominent readings, one by Machiavelli, one by Savonarola. Both writers posed very strong definitions about what makes for a great and effective ruler. After a time of analysis, I pose the question, “well, which one of these writers has it right, or, most right, and how can we know?” Now the real fun began, and students wrestled with classic writing as it complements or competes with the ultimate source of truth found in Scripture. It scares me to think of all the young minds across America reading the same pieces of literature in government schools, led by a secular humanist teacher, encouraging students to form their own opinions about the definition of a great leader.


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