Agape Lunch

Why Agape?

Agape-Lunch-Poster-Photo1Agape is the Greek word for selfless, unconditional love. Jesus taught Agape love to his disciples, showing that in their service to one another, they would experience positive growth in their own lives. We serve Agape lunches once per month to school families and invited guests as a way for us to fulfill the scriptures as an act of service and to introduce people to the Agape community that JRHS seeks to foster. John 13-15

What Are Agape Lunches?

Agape Lunches are held once a month throughout the school year. At each lunch we have a time of fellowship, a word from one of our students, a door prize, and an encouraging challenge from our guest speaker (our “dessert challenge speaker”).  It is a truly encouraging afternoon.

Who Can Attend?

Agape Lunches are open to everyone! We love to welcome new guests and introduce them to JRHS! Whether you’re a prospective family and/or student, a supporter, a friend, an alumni, alumni parent, a curious community member, or just looking for a great meal and an encouraging word, we welcome you to Agape Lunch!

When Are They?

Sept 18th- Tr   Welcome

Oct 31st- Fri   Humanities Faire Season

Nov 25th- Tue   Thanksgiving

Dec 9th-Tue   Christmas

Jan 9th- Fri   Alumni Day

Feb 13th- Fri   “Agapentine”

Mar 17th- Tue   Sugar Shack 

Apr 23rd- Tr   Mission Trip Testimonials

May 28th- Tr   Senior Focus


Where Are They Held?

The first and last Agape Lunches (weather permitting) are held outdoors at the Joy House Pavilion in Candia, NH. All other lunches are held in the function hall of the Candia Congregational Church, 1 South Rd Candia, NH.

Ticket Prices

$7.00 Adult; $4.00 Children ages 6-12; Free for Children ages 0-5
$5.00 – Staff/Faculty/Alumni
Free- First Time Guests

To Sign Up

To sign up for an Agape Lunch please complete this form or call the office (603)483-5664.
Ticket payment will be collected at the door.
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