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Faculty Projects Kicking off next week!

So, you thought that the JRHS Faculty are merely mental giants in their limited field of academia? Or, maybe you thought “WKU” is limited to the traditional classroom? Well, then, you will want to hear of the incredible and wonderful JanTerm Projects the Team Magnifcat is leading […]

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The Strength You Have

This week in devotions, we looked at the story of Gideon, and I was reminded of the incredible strength we have as members of God’s household. Right in the midst of Gideon’s doubt, God reminded him to go “in the strength you have…am I not sending you.” […]

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Friday is Alumni Day!

We are looking forward to a great Alumni Day tomorrow, when we invite our alumni back to visit, share, fellowship and remember. The Alumni are an essential component to a healthy JRHS, so, everyone can be part of inviting your favorite alum to the events of the […]

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Come to Alumni Day

Hello Beloved Alumni – We request your loveliness at one or more or all of the events we have scheduled for Friday January 9! It’s time to come celebrate the memories, and check in on the old alma mater. As much as we hope you will have […]

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The Lord our Righteousness

The celebration of Christmas means many things to many people. For some, it is just another fun day, in the annual pomp of easter bunnies, tooth fairies, turkeys, ghosts, fireworks and more. For others, it is a season of much doubt, and fear, and loneliness. For most, […]

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The Christian School and the Formation of Character

I have had the challenge and the pleasure of leading our Seniors in their Apologetics course for a few weeks this fall. We have studied CS Lewis’ The Problem of Pain , a knotty little treatise on the unfortunate necessity of the work of pain and suffering […]

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Portfolio Week!

Use the word “Portfolio” at JRHS, and some think this….   Whereas I think this…… Starting next week, all JR students will be working hard on their Semester Portfolio – a very unique part of the JRHS program of study. Working with their teachers, students will respond […]

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Message from the Headmaster

I am excited that the AXIS Event is just around the corner and am eager to see how the Lord is going to use it in our school! The event is October 8th from 8:45am- 3pm, please call the office for location details. The AXIS team is […]

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