The program of learning at JRHS is comprised of three main programs, each one designed to meet a specific component of our mission. Every day, students experience each one of these programs:

1. Every student is a Disciple in Training, with the goal to grow in “wisdom and stature” (Luke: 2:52) and to mature to knowing, loving, and serving God with all their heart, soul and mind (Matt 22:37) and to beomc salt and light (Matt 15:13-14) in our culture. This training is daily and ongoing, and although not a graded part of the curriculum, is essential to the development of the whole student. Some methods towards this include faculty mentoring, portfolio writing, daily devotions, mission trips, the weekly Chapel service and Koinonia groups.

2. The morning studies at JRHS focus on Classical Core Curriculum, where students take four years of coursework in all main disciplines: math, science, Bible, Humanities, and Electives. Content under study is geared toward the body of knowledge that will deeply challenge students, and thereby validate their claim to be truly educated with a Biblical World View. In addition to knowledge, skills that flow out of this part of our curriculum include things like thoughtfulness, self-discipline, critical thinking, writing, reasoning, critical reading, study skills, perseverance and confidence.

3. The afternoon program at JRHS is our unique and innovative Project Based Learning, where the emphasis is on long-term hands on projects that complement the morning classroom experience. From this program, students are learning valuable life skills and often times specific career skills. Projects are very diverse, and offer a productive blend of many disciplines in one cohesive project. In addition to a great life experience not typically found in schools, some of the skill outcomes include collaboration, leadership, delegation, time management, articulate speech, decision making and goal setting.

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