Deb Puderbaugh Receives Leadership Award at the February GSCSA Banquet 2017

Deb Puderbaugh was awarded the “Leadership Award” at the annual Granite State Christian Schools Association Banquet, Thursday evening, Feb 2, 2017. She was noted for her years of service to Jesse Remington High School as a parent, volunteer, and Board member.

Earliest Days:
Deb was trained as a middle/high school science teacher from Iowa State University. After teaching for a short time in the Midwest, Deb and her husband Steve moved to NH to begin the business we now know as Raymond Animal Hospital. Deb began her time at JRHS during the very early days. In the first year of the school, we utilized a team of science teachers, and DP led the biology/life science units.

She became a parent in the school in the millennium with her daughter Laura attending 4 years and graduating in 2004. Her second daughter Krista also attended JRHS for 4 years and graduated in 2006. Deb was an exemplary parent in the school, supporting her daughters and many programs in the school. She and her husband traveled on a school trip with the school. She also served as college and career counselor for some years.

Deb joined the school board in 2007.  She does all this and more because of her big heart for the school!  She believes in the mission of Jesse Remington High School.  She is a servant in this as she is in so many other areas.  She has been the lead in supporting staff with her hospitality for many years, between hosting staff/board parties in her home to organizing staff appreciation events. Her organizational skills also put order to the board like no other.  She helped keep it afloat by keeping tabs on so many pieces such as keeping up with the various bookkeepers, insurance needs and communication with the elders, with whom she had an excellent relationship. Part of her legacy is the encouragement that she always gave to staff and our headmaster all these years.  She helped our illustrious headmaster to step forward out of his comfort zone in many different ways, not the least of which was with budget planning and running numbers. Deb retired from the board last year and has stayed on this year as emeritus. She has been financially supporting the school throughout. She is level-headed, prayerfully motivated, incredibly smart, and we have been abundantly blessed to have her as part of our JRHS family!

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