The Greatest Value of a Christian Education

The single most important aspect of a Christian school has a whole lot more to do with the nature and character of the teachers than it does any program, facility, course or team. The root source of a valuable Christian education, one that is going to be of significant impact into the lives of the students, is in the faculty. It is the depth of a committed, Christ-like world view that separates one Christian school from the next, and is the real, lasting value of Christian education. What world view do you want shaping the mind and heart of your son or daughter? One of my apologist heroes is Frank Gaebelein, who writes in his famous little manual called “The Pattern of God’s Truth”:

“Yet the crux of the problem lies with the teacher. The fact is inescapable; the world view of the teacher, in so far as he is effective, gradually conditions the world view of the pupil. No man teaches out of a philosophical vacuum. In one way or another, every teacher expresses the convictions he lives by, whether they be spiritually positive or negative”

As goes the teacher, so go the students.

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