Happy Birthday Jesse Remington!

The 2016-2017 School year marks an important milestone for Jesse Remington High School, the well-deserved “Silver Anniversary”. JRHS is a 25 year story with hundreds of pages left to write. The story begins in the heart and mind of a great man, Pastor Jesse Remington, who served at Candia from 1790-1815, during the Second Great Awakening, when the philosophy of Deism was invading the culture. Many people were persuaded to follow the newer, easier faith of God the Father, God the Spirit, but God the Savior was not fashionable. Pastor Remington was called by God to uphold the Trinity.

At JRHS, we believe and teach Ephesians 2:10 which says how we are created as God’s workmanship, designed to do the Good Work that He has pre-arranged for us. Two hundred years after Pastor Remington did his work, God called me to my good work – to form a Christian School at Remington’s Church, that would not only uphold the Trinity, but would advance the Kingdom work begun long ago.

Twenty five years ago, what started as a vision of just a handful of leaders became a reality for dozens, then hundreds, and eventually thousands of souls affected by God’s Great Story. It has been the unfolding story of God’s plan for now over 200 graduates, several hundred others who have attended, dozens of Faculty, and hundreds of ministry partners in countless ways.

It is the story of changing and developing lives. The Mission of JRHS is the guiding essential. The outcome of the Mission is changed, matured, developed young lives, ready for the challenges ahead. Similar to what Pastor Remington was doing 200 years ago, the mission of JRHS is to take in young moldable lives, then to affect growth and change, and ultimately send them out, ready to make a difference for Christ and His Kingdom.

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