JRHS Welcomes Alexandra Briggs as the new Girls Sentinels Basketball Coach

Jesse Remington High School is pleased to announce that Alexandra Briggs has joined our Athletics Department to coach the JRHS Girls Sentinels basketball team!  Coach Briggs brings a lot of energy and eight years of basketball coaching experience to our team and we are grateful to have her on board.

Coach Briggs grew up in Deerfield, NH.  She began playing basketball in fourth grade for the YMCA in Manchester.  She not only played basketball growing up, she was very involved in horseback riding as well. Alexandra was also involved in AAU Basketball where she had the opportunity to play travel basketball.  She played basketball through high school for Central High School in Manchester.

After high school, Coach Briggs attended Simmons College in Boston where she earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education.  During her time at Simmons College, Coach was involved in Varsity Rowing and Intermediate Basketball..  Upon graduation, she began teaching in the Boston area and coaching girls basketball.  

Coach Briggs relocated back to Deerfield and married Brad, whom she had known since age twelve.  They still reside in Deerfield and now have two children, Kenny (3) and Elizabeth (1 ½).  They keep busy with family, work and running a local commercial farm.  Their family attends the Deerfield Bible Church along with many other JRHS families.  Through the church and long time connections with the Deerfield and Candia community, Coach Briggs learned of the opportunity to coach the Sentinels.  

Prior to starting a family, Coach Briggs taught middle school in Pittsfield and coached their high school varsity team.  After Kenny was born, she took some time off from teaching and coaching.  She has since become active in education again and is now using her Certification in teaching Social Studies to teach online through the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School out of Exeter, NH.  Coach Briggs said she is “excited to get back into coaching” and we are excited to have her as part of our JRHS family.

Please help us give Coach Briggs a warm welcome when you see her at practices and games!

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