Mrs. Shelly Weeks


Experience: Customer Service, Real Estate Business Development and Marketing

Family: Married to Dave and together have four children, one currently attends JRHS.

Interests: Being outdoors, camping, singing, dancing, going to concerts, day trips to Boston and Lake Winnipesaukee, spending time with family and friends

How do you see JRHS impacting the students for their lives ahead? “Having just completed my first year with JRHS as both a parent and a staff member, I’ve been touched by the genuine love and commitment the faculty and staff have for the students and for the mission of the school.  Attending the recent graduation gave me several of those “pinch me” moments–like ‘WOW’ my family gets to be a part of this incredible ministry!  I was impressed with each and every student’s speech that night.  I knew that JRHS created strong future leaders for Jesus Christ as I’ve read some amazing Alumni testimonies, but hearing from the students themselves that night…well that sealed the deal!  They were so well spoken and each had a unique story with a touch of humor.   They were thankful for the challenging experiences whether in a classroom or reaching a peak of a mountain, and seemed well prepared for the next step in their journey.  I’ve already seen in one year how my daughter has been challenged and how much she has grown.  Thankful for the hands-on life skills and critical thinking skills they learn as well, preparing them for adulthood.  Most importantly, I’m grateful for the spiritual formation that takes place where students learn to see the world through the lens of biblical teaching and application.

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