Maple Syrup – Pints

Sugar Shack 2014 Photo Credit Laura Puderbaugh, Class of '04 (2)

Maple Syrup – Pints


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Product Description

Thank you for supporting Jesse Remington High School!

JRHS Maple Syrup, from beginning to end, is made by our students and faculty.   All proceeds from our Maple Syrup sales go towards JRHS Mission Trips.

Quantities* are dependent upon the weather.  Our goal is to fulfill every order–if there’s a chance we run out of supplies, we’ll let you know and gladly provide a refund.

Thank you for your order-

Enjoy “God’s Secret Delight!”


*To ensure that we are able fulfill every order, we kindly ask that each family purchase no more than 1 Gallon/4 quarts. Thank you!

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