Wish List

Jesse Remington High School Wish List 

If you’re able to contribute to any of the following needs we would greatly appreciate it!


  • ESL resources & tutors for international students
  • Daily and weekly maintenance help
  • Professional grant writer
  • On-call skilled laborer
  • Outdoor education assistant trip leaders
  • Coaches: soccer, basketball


  • Smart Boards
  • Paint brushes, rollers, buckets & storage bin
  • Costume appropriate fabric for Humanities Faire Costumes
  • Athletic gear: basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls
  • School mascot costume &/or head piece
  • New microscopes for science lab
  • Art supplies
  • Leather and dyes
  • Uniforms for basketball & soccer
  • Camera (Digital Nikon or Canon SLR, new or used)
  • Camera (digital point and shoot, new or used)
  • Weighted, 88 key keyboard for the worship team

Building & Grounds:

  • Renovation of former pottery studio into storage room
  • Roofing on the Barn
  • Small tractor for campus maintenance and timber frame project
  • Golf cart, EZ-go or Gator for campus work
  • Foam insulation for basement of Sentinel building
  • Annual load of loam
  • New tables (please call the office for specifications)
  • New chairs (please call the office for specifications)
  • Portable sound system for special events
  • Light weight JRHS podium
  • Projector speakers
  • Shades for all windows


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