Fast Facts

Population: 50 students, grades 9-12. Each grade has 8-14 students enrolled.

Class Size: Few classes at JRHS exceed 15 students.  A common class size is 8-12 students.

Geography: Students come to JRHS from several surrounding towns, reaching as far east as Exeter, south as Lawrence Mass, west as Bedford and north as Northwood. Up to 6 International Students attend JRHS each year.

Churches: JRHS is a multi-denominational Christian school, both in the student body and the staff. JRHS is a ministry of the Candia Congregational Church.

Education: JRHS has developed an integrated system of hands-on project learning within a high-standard, classical, college preparatory curriculum.

Projects: Projects at JRHS are very diverse, and cover several disciplines. Each project is 6-8 weeks in duration, and offers rare training in real-world skills such as collaboration, leadership, project management, delegation, research, articulate speech and many more.

Day: The school day begins at 8am, and concludes at 2:30. Depending on the intensity of a given project, or if the student plays sports, some afternoon time is needed.

Post-Secondary Placements: JRHS students have done very well in the college, military and job market. Graduates have been accepted to a broad range of schools: small, large, Christian, State, college, and university.

Campus: JRHS uses several buildings, all within walking distance. Students walk about campus regularly. We have made use of historic homes as our campus, giving our campus an intimate, ‘home-like’ feel.

Sports: JRHS is part of a sports league for schools of 100 or fewer students. Sports include soccer, basketball, cheeleading, ultimagte Frisbee and softball for grades 9-12.

Outdoor Education: JRHS students are exposed to multiple outdoor excursions that offer a certain skill as well as a life-long pursuit. Representative activities include: hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, fishing, and several more.

Arts: The Arts are very important at JRHS. Students pursue projects in fields as diverse as pottery, CAD, yearbook, drama, stained glass, weaving, music, drawing, painting, sewing and more.

Mission Travel: JRHS students get rare opportunities to travel the world, visiting one major city per year. Past trips have been to Washington, Philadelphia, NYC, Montreal, Budapest, Geneva and more. We partner with local mission agencies to work with some of the needy people in the area.

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