Year-End Giving at JRHS

Dear Friend of Jesse Remington High School –

Twenty-Five years ago, the vision for a Christian high school came to life. Many reading this blog remember well the 12 pioneering students and their parents, the rudimentary facilities and supplies, and the few brave and faithful teachers who saw great promise. Yet it was this humble beginning that paved the way for the Jesse Remington High School of today.
Our Founders passionately believed that a robust education, set within a biblical worldview, is essential to lead young people towards righteousness and an understanding that all Truth is God’s truth. They set our mission in motion: JRHS is a Christian Community of Students and Faculty, pursuing wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and is committed to raising this generation of youth to be effective leaders for Jesus Christ. A strong commitment to this mission has kept our school focused and growing all these years.

This year, we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, and reflect on the many ways the school has grown. Now countless memories, experiences and testimonies proclaim the great work of JRHS. Much of the growth has been made possible through gifts from faithful and committed donors. For these, we are so very grateful, and let us assure you that your investment is making a significant difference in the life of every student that comes through our doors.

At this year-end, JRHS faces a substantial financial need and we are asking for your help.  The Annual Fund is the revenue we raise beyond tuition to fund much of what goes on every day in the classrooms. To fulfill our plans for the year, our Annual Fund goal is in excess of $100,000. We are praying that 20 to 30 percent of this need will be met in this giving season by those who have been served by JRHS or otherwise see the eternal value of our bold mission.

Will you make a year-end donation toward this year’s fund-raising need? Your gift will make a difference in the lives of students and faculty by allowing us to strengthen our programs and advance the mission. You can donate to our Annual Fund by clicking here, or you can simply send a gift through the mail to Jesse Remington High School, PO Box 473, Candia, NH 03034.

Thank you for your time and your continued support of Jesse Remington High School.

Merry Christmas,


Jeffrey C. Philbrick, Headmaster

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