Summer is prime time to make progress on campus maintenance and developments, and this year we have several projects on the ticket: 


  • Increase the technology base at JRHS preparing us to continue to offer excellence of education during the next phase of Covid; our goal is to be fully prepared for both on site and remote learning for all or select students. 

  • Implement cleaning and health protocols and equipment to increase the likelihood of a coronavirus safe environment 

  • Build a small play court in the back lawn of the school to facilitate basketball and other court games, offering our students an improved and safer place to recreate.


  • Failed, leaking barn roof: the south face of the barn roof is in desperate need of new shingles;

  • Failed front stairs of the porch: the main access to the school has recently shown significant rot, necessitating replacement; 

  • Exterior trim painting school buildings 

Do we need some HELP? - YES! There are two main ways to help: donate or serve! If helping to make JRHS a safer, better place, then contact Jeff Philbrick today to lend your hands or resources.