Ms. Theresa Trombley

Alumna, Board Member

Experience: JRHS Graduate, Class of 2006; attended college and graduate school at UNH and UNE.  Theresa is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, and works at a community mental health agency in Massachusetts where she has worked for 6 years. 

Interests: "I have served for 4 years on the founding Board of Directors for The Freedom Café in Durham, NH, whose mission is to provide the local community with opportunities to learn more about/take action against human trafficking and commercial exploitation. I love sports (especially baseball!), and also enjoy live music of all kinds. I also have a soft spot for BBC television shows, and any historical fiction books I can get my hands on. I grew up in Candia, and went to Candia Congregational Church from the time that I was about 6 years old through high school. I was the oldest of 2 children. My younger brother Keith always liked to joke that he was older than me, "because his birthday was the day before mine." (There might have been a bit of sibling rivalry there, haha)"

What do you love most about your work at JRHS?: "I love the opportunities that we, as a Board, have to care for and appreciate the faculty and staff of the school."

How do you see JRHS impacting the students for their lives ahead? “I truly believe that JRHS sets a firm foundation for students that they can lean on when they leave to pursue whatever calling God has placed on their lives. The relationships that students are able to build with their peers and with the faculty/staff are so meaningful and vital to the development of their relationship with God, and I wholeheartedly believe that the students encounter Jesus every day that they are at JRHS, because of those relationships.”