Mrs. Martha Bacon

Board Member

Family & Background: "I was born, the youngest of five, in DeSmit, South Dakota (a place made famous by Laura Ingalls Wilder's books). Dad was a pastor and Mom a homemaker. While I was still young, we moved to California to be near family. My father changed occupations for a time and took a job as a teacher for a small Christian School in San Jose, CA. I was blessed to spend 5 years attending that school and making lifelong friends. When our children approached school age my husband and I realized that public school did not provide the educational excellence or biblical worldview we valued and I began to homeschool our oldest son. Over time we found a humanities based curriculum with a classical approach and with another family at church we began a co-op that grew over the years. After our third son completed high school the families involved in the co-op decided to disband. We elected to search for a Christian school that would match our educational goals and biblical values while keeping that close fellowship we had enjoyed while homeschooling. We were intrigued by Jesse Remington’s project based curriculum, the Humanities Faire and portfolios also reflected the challenging course of instruction we had enjoyed in our co-op. We met with Jeff Philbrick and had a short tour. After this meeting we decided to enroll our daughter and youngest son at JRHS. Anna graduated in 2012 and Zack in 2016. Here is what Zack had to say about his experience at JRHS."

Martha's son, Zack, shared this testimony: "JRHS took what I knew about the Christian faith, and put it to practice. The act of putting all that you have into your daily task was a huge emphasis. I find myself today still thinking back on how I was consistently taught to do everything for God and to the best of my ability. 

Today I find myself connecting with my friends and discussing with them the aspects of our faith that are often hard to talk about. At Jesse, I would spend countless hours talking to my friends about what we believed and why we believed it. We pushed each other to refine our faith in a way that is uncommon with high school students. Even now, I continue on with the desire to help others refine their faith, and seek to have them refine mine.

I hope and pray that people will see Jesse as the diamond that it is. So much of my life has been impacted for the better. To know that I went to a school that was so dedicated to service, to the development of students, and a desire to glorify God, is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I would not have nearly as strong of a desire to serve God in thought, word, and deed, had I not come to Jesse Remington High School. Because of this, I am immeasurably grateful to God that I was able to attend."