Mrs. Jacie Lacy

Board Member

Experience:  "My favorite job in high school was scooping ice cream at a local diner. I attended SNHU and have a bachelors in Accounting and Computer Science.   I have worked for a large life insurance company for over 28 years in the IT department.   I am currently a lead software analyst.  Our team generates letters, statement and confirms for our policy owners."

Family: Married to Waine, who she met in high school. Together they have 4 children, (two JRHS alumni and one in his senior year), and 3 grandchildren. 

What brought you to JRHS? " We learned about JRHS from a few families at church when my oldest daughter was in jr high.   Around that same time, with lots of encouragement from our daughter,  we decide to pull our kids from public school and put them in Christian schools.   We wanted our kids to attend schools that reflect our beliefs and values.  JRHS is that and more!"

How do you see JRHS impacting the students for their lives ahead? “JRHS encourages the students to make their faith their own.   This is very important.   There comes a time in everyone's lives when we have to decide what we believe, not what our parents believe.  Their relationship with Jesus will be something that guides them through decisions and actions for a life time.   JRHS also teaches students to go outside their comfort zone and to work hard.   Life is hard.  But God has equipped us and encourages us to keep growing and to persevere.   JRHS models that through rigorous academics, mission trips, outdoor education, community and so much more.”