Demanding. Thought provoking. Rigorous. Worthy. Timeless. Proven. Real. Useful. Authentic – the characteristics of the Jesse Remington classical curriculum.

A demanding classical curriculum exposes our students to the timeless truths of God’s world. Our curriculum not only offers them the academic material and skills they will need to be competitive and successful in the college marketplace, but it also offers the opportunity for students to learn some of life’s essential skills like self-discipline, perseverance, time management and consistency.

Students at JRHS take successive years of all subjects. Instead of dropping courses as they get older, they hone in on advanced material. Upper high school students can choose between College Prep courses and General Studies. Here’s a peek at the disciplines:

  • Humanities: Jesse Remington students gain an understanding of the world we live in. Students study eras and civilizations from Biblical times right up to the present, with the goal of each student leaving high school with a solid Biblical World-View.

  • Writing: We place great emphasis upon writing at our school. The Humanities and Bible classes train in analytical and research writing, preparing the student to be a well versed, capable, persuasive writer.

  • Reading: No student leaves JRHS without having read the classic pieces of literature from world history. Apostle Paul, Sophocles, Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens, Twain, Hawthorne, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Lewis, Solzhenitsyn and on goes the list of great authors our students are exposed to.

  • Science: The combination of hands-on labs with the challenge of a rigorous text is what defines our science program. Younger students begin in Earth, Physical and Life Sciences, and culminate with Chemistry and Physics, or Anatomy.

  • Bible: At the center of a student’s experience is the Bible class. Successive years of study geared at personal application form the heart and mind of the student.

  • Math: Students take a math course at Jesse Remington all of their years. Some go the theoretical route, culminating in Calculus; others go the practical route, culminating in Business Math.

  • Foreign Language: Study of another language exposes students to not only the life and culture of another people, but to a worthy study unto itself. Through our North Star Academy program, students have an option to choose from several different foreign languages. 

  • Arts and Artisans: The Arts is very important to a Jesse Remington education, completing manual and aesthetic learning. Examples of include, post and beam building, CAD, yearbook, sewing, stained glass, drama and music, robotics, and more.

  • Outdoor Education: Jesse Remington students receive training and opportunity in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing, shooting, fishing, golf and several others. In addition to creating life-long skills, these activities offer a quality, fun event.