Dear Fellow Parents,

What if it were true that God looks at parenting as the most important job for those of us He entrusted with children? What if He looks at each child’s life as uniquely created for a specific purpose, and further, He entrusts (shall I say commands?) us to raise and train the child for that purpose? What if God were to give us a report card, not based on how many events and activities we enroll our kids in, but rather on how prepared our children are for His appointed purpose for their lives? What if we parents could partner with organizations that could help us to accomplish this goal? Would we make the necessary sacrifices of time, comfort and leisure to invest in such an organization?

I believe the answers to the above questions are a resounding “yes”. I have every bit of confidence, that JRHS can partner with you to accomplish what is the supreme goal of childraising: to present our 18 year olds to the Lord and the world, fully educated in the core knowledges, armed with a Christian world-view, confident with diverse skills for the future, rich with experiences that have led them to the Master’s heart, and facing the next step in their lives with a clear understanding that they are missionaries to a Great Cause. I urge you to join Kate and me and the hundreds of parents before me who have partnered with JRHS to assist us in the most important job of all time: raising, training and educating children!

The Mission of JRHS is developing and changing lives. Let me give you a brief overview:

Christian Community – being a member of the JRHS community is a special, honorary society. JRHS can rightfully boast that the ethos, or spirit of JRHS is marked by joy, love, accountability and trust. Guided by our Covenant, life at JRHS is intentionally directed towards personal formation in Christ. Our highest goal is for students to grow as disciples of Christ.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning –  JRHS students are offered the finest tools for the formation of a Biblical worldview in a curriculum that focuses on the humanities, mathematics and sciences. In the lower grades, students are introduced to the higher level thinking and work they will need to achieve. Upper grade students spend copious time reading the masterworks from the Ancient World right up through the Twentieth Century and take four years of science, focusing on either life or mechanical science. Four years of math, either in the theory or business course, helps discipline the mind. Four years of Bible class set the foundation for all, while foreign languages open the world of the student.

Leadership Development – A prominent teaching at JRHS is the concept of a mission life. Woven into the fabric of the school is this understanding that we are intentionally created by God to do His will, fulfill His purpose, and thereby bring glory to Him by finding, utilizing and investing our gifts and talents. As our culture continues to plunge in the self-serving, materialistic direction, JRHS stands against this shortsighted living, and teaches our students to find The Master’s Plan.

Can we help you to train and educate your child?

Jeffrey C. Philbrick, Headmaster

Our Mission

JRHS is a Christian Community of Students and Faculty pursuing wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and is committed to raising this generation of youth to be effective leaders for Jesus Christ.

Our History

Jesse Remington was a Revolutionary era pastor to the town of Candia. Pastor, statesman, husband, father and teacher, Pastor Remington served the Lord on the hilltop over 200 years ago. At the dawn of the 19th century, America needed leaders of Christian integrity; Remington met that call. Riding from town to town preaching the Gospel and building a nation, did he ever imagine a school would bear his name?