What is Indexed Tuition?

Indexed Tuition is tuition program that allows for a family to apply for reduced tuition that matches their unique financial situation and therefore makes JRHS affordable to more qualified students who could not otherwise afford a JRHS education.  Our indexed tuition process is separate from admissions.  However, to be eligible for consideration, families must complete an application for admission.  Potential students who may qualify for Indexed Tuition must meet our admissions standards.

Who is eligible for the program?

Any family may apply for Indexed Tuition, if they are concerned about affording the cost of Christian education at JRHS and believe they may qualify for the program.  To be considered, the family must submit an application to FACTS Grant and Aid.  Factors considered when determining a family’s tuition level include income, assets and family size.  Resources available for the program vary each year and must also be considered. To be eligible for Indexed Tuition a family must have submitted a complete application for enrollment to JRHS.

After completing my FACTS application, when will I receive confirmation of my tuition?

We award the Indexed Tuition to those who apply on a rolling basis. Decisions are typically made within three weeks of when FACTS receives a completed application and required information.  A provisional decision may be communicated based on applications made prior to submittal of the current year’s tax return information. The award will be finalized within a month following upload of all required information to FACTS.

Do I need to apply for Indexed Tuition every year?

Yes, families must apply for Indexed Tuition each year. The tuition may be higher or lower in line with a family’s economic profile and available resources at JRHS.

If I do not qualify this year, can I try again next year?

Yes. A family may apply each year.

Will applying for Indexed Tuition hurt my student’s chances of being admitted to JRHS?

No. Applications for admission and Indexed Tuition are evaluated separately.  An application for Indexed Tuition has no bearing on the admission process.

Are some families awarded full tuition?

No. Every family is required to make a financial investment in their child’s education. Our commitment to Indexed Tuition means that we are sharing that investment with you. Depending upon whether you qualify, there may be funds awarded from Children’s Scholarship Fund – NH, which may offset a portion of what you are responsible for. Families who are new to JRHS and think they may be eligible should reach out to Children’s Scholarship Fund-NH to explore eligibility and to apply.  The earlier the application can be made the greater the likelihood of award.

Are all admitted students offered Indexed Tuition if the family qualifies?

It is our goal to offer Indexed Tuition to every family who qualifies. That said, the Indexed Tuition amount may vary depending on space available and the timing of the application. Families are encouraged to apply for Indexed Tuition as soon as possible.

Who should I contact with questions about Indexed Tuition?

Families should contact Cheryl Crawford, Academic Administrator, or Scott Shillaber, Business Manager with questions.