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Welcome to “Kingdom Impact” One Day of Giving campaign. Our goal is to raise $15,000 for the annual fund on Tuesday, September 27th. Your gifts will be an investment into the programs that fulfill the JRHS Mission.

Jesse Remington High School is a life-formative journey that shapes and guides the thinking, spirituality, and skill development of our students. We are preparing young people for the work force, the church, and the ever-changing culture of tomorrow. Successful Christ followers of 2022 and beyond will need rigorous training and mentoring to be able to acquire and live out the values of Christ.


This year, our theme is “Joyful Giving,” an opportunity to reflect upon the Joy that is found at JRHS every day. Above all else, one of the greatest outcomes of a JRHS education is a life guided by the Joy of the Lord. During this campaign, let us all give generously to the Joy of Learning and Life that is at the base of a JRHS education. We are reminded of Nehemiah’s celebration with his people – “The Joy of the Lord is our Strength.”


You can help bring about a stronger JRHS, now starting our 31st year, by making a contribution to this One Day Giving Campaign. For those who have already made a commitment, we thank you; for others, we encourage you to help us with Kingdom Impact today through this one day giving campaign.

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