Who We Are

Founded in 1990, JRHS is a regional 9-12 Christian high school, featuring both college and career preparatory programs, exemplified in our traditional and project curricula. Our motto, “we are more than conquerors” permeates the spiritual, intellectual, social and aesthetic pursuits of JRHS.


JRHS is a Christian Community of Students and Faculty pursuing wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and is committed to raising this generation of youth to be effective leaders for Jesus Christ.


As an academic institution, JRHS seeks to glorify God by training up students to lead lives prioritizing Christian mission and become examples of integrity and truth, and to be responsible, knowledgeable, skillful leaders in a secular world.

Educational Philosophy

We believe that:

  • We believe that all truth is God’s truth and that He is the source of truth. Effective education involves the development of the whole person, beginning with a sound rooting in truth, which will then inform all studies.

  • The Bible is the revealed, inerrant word of God given to us as a guide for daily living.

  • The goal is that each person (student, parent, and faculty) has a personal relationship with God, understanding and believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and is committed to life in the local church.

  • We believe that education is done in a working partnership with the home and family. Ultimately, each family is responsible to raise, train and educate a child; the Christian school is a partner to this end goal.

  • All of God’s children are endowed with His gifts and talents, there to be developed for the furthering of His Kingdom work. Each person has a distinct calling or mission, which if pursued with diligence, will result in a fulfilling and productive life.

Core Values

Our Core Values are derived from our mission, philosophy and vision:

  • Christ Centered- a biblical world view that places Christ as preeminent

  • Absolute Truth – unchanging truth has everyday relevance in our lives

  • Community – relationships that model the attributes of Christ and the fruits of the Spirit

  • Excellence – striving for our best effort and maximum potential

  • Leadership – training and equipping for lifelong Kingdom work


At Jesse Remington High School, we seek to enable students to develop full leadership potential by:

  • Cultivating a Biblical World View;

  • Achieving academic excellence to the full extent of their individual ability;

  • Growing in spiritual and social maturity;

  • Obtaining a life-long desire to learn;

  • Pursuing a God-honoring calling.


  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Accredited

  • Jesse Remington School is accredited by The State of New Hampshire, Department of Education.


Jesse Remington School is in association with:

  • ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International)

  • GSCSA (Granite State Christian Schools Association)