Mission trip experiences are an integral part of the JRHS yearly experience.  Coming alongside an established long-term ministry is important to us and we have developed relationships with missionaries, churches, and schools in the United States and Internationally (Haiti, Hungary, and Switzerland).  The outreach opportunities are various including: children’s ministry, homeless outreach, building and renovation work, teaching, and more. 


Each year, it is our goal to provide students with diverse opportunities to serve. A large part of the mission experience is developing empathy as students experience life in another part of the world. These sorts of lessons are hard, and some would say impractical to recreate in a classroom.  They are best learned being, sharing, working, and living side by side with others. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to apply and practice lessons being learned in a different setting.


Leaving behind the distractions of our fast pace life, these trips are a microcosm for community and personal Spiritual growth. Team and personal devotions along with journal writing are tools we utilize to help students process their experiences.  Our desire is for students to recognize during their time at JRHS that Christian Ministry is not limited to mission trips or even working in a church but can and should be part of our everyday lives as we seek to Honor the Lord. One reason we continue to utilize mission trips is the testimony of many of our alumni who share that mission experiences were critical in their understanding of their call and vocation.