Mrs. Karen Trudeau

Math, Science

Education: University of Vermont, Majored in Mathematics in the College of Engineering, Math and Business Administration

Family:  Married to Eric, and together have 8 kids and 7 grandchildren

Interests: Reading, knitting, sewing and spending time with family

Good Book Recently Read: Mostly school-related books right now.  Re-reading Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel

How do you see JRHS impacting the students for their lives ahead?  “JRHS prepares students for life. We prepare them academically, socially, spiritually, and physically for their future. Often, the idea of an education focuses mainly on the academics, but at JRHS, students receive a much broader education.  I love teaching math and science, but also teaching how to live with a biblical worldview at JRHS.  No matter what our students do after graduation, they have learned life skills that will take them far. They are well equipped to become active, productive and spiritually minded young adults. I see them all making a great contribution for God’s Kingdom.”