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Jesse Remington High School is a life-formative journey that shapes and guides the thinking, spirituality, and skill development of our students. We are preparing young people for the work force, the church and the culture of tomorrow, which is changing at an alarming rate. Successful Christ followers of 2020 and beyond will need rigorous training and mentoring to be able to acquire, and then live out, the values of Christ.


You can help bring about a stronger JRHS, now starting our 29th year, by making a contribution to this One Day Giving Campaign. By investing in us, you will help us make progress on some of these strategic initiatives:

  • Add classroom Spanish to our program. Now that Spanish has surpassed English as a more commonly spoken world language, successful college graduates in the years ahead will need command of languages at a new level; 

  • Build our College and Career Advising, getting more out of the Naviance program, helping our students navigate a complicated post-secondary world by better understanding themselves and the world they will enter upon graduation;

  • Add to our STEM resources in our Project Based Learning Program. Recently, we have invested in MakerSpace and VEX Robotics, giving these students exposure to some of the software and tools available to them and the world of opportunities out ahead in STEM careers;


All this and more. Yet, the real value of Jesse Remington High School is in found in our motto, “more than an education, a life in the making.” I believe this captures the profound formation that takes place every day at our school, as we live out our mission to be a Christian Community, pursuing Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, and committed to raising our generation of students to be effective leaders for Jesus Christ.

For those who have already made a commitment today, we thank you so much; for others, I encourage you to help us with Kingdom Impact today through this one day giving campaign.