Pastor Steve Baker

School Chaplain, Pastor

Email: pastor@candiacongregationalchurch;

Experience: "I accepted the position of Senior Pastor at Candia Congregational Church in 2017. Prior to moving to Candia, I served as the Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church Tempe, AZ for 3 years. Before entering seminary and vocational ministry I worked for USAA, a financial services company that serves the military community and their families. In the ten years that I worked for them, I had the privilege of holding many roles that included financial advisor, trainer, and manager."

Family: Married to Theresa, who is originally from Colombia, CT. They met at a church in Phoenix, AX, and got to know each other on a mission trip to Morocco. They are proud parents of Lily Grace, who arrived in the fall of 2018.

Interests: In his spare time, Pastor Steve enjoys skiing, rock climbing and going to the movies. 

What do you enjoy about your role at JRHS?" I enjoy getting to know the students in multiple ways. Chapel and Koinonia give me the opportunity to get to know their hearts for God and to encourage them in the pursuit of His presence in their lives, but I also get the chance to enjoy time with them on the slopes, in the rock climbing gym, or during our time n the mountains. JRHS gives me and all the faculty and staff a unique opportunity to invest in these students in many different and wonderful ways. That is what I enjoy most about JRHS.

How do you see JRHS impacting the students for their lives ahead? “JRHS does an excellent job of imparting wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to the students. The combination of these three gives the students the ability to think critically about the world around them and formulate their own ideas and opinions. This ability is critical to the effort of living a life that honors God and the people around them.”