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Detroit Team Update, Tuesday Evening

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Hello JRHS Fams and Fans,

The Redeemer Presbyterian Team brings you greetings and blessings from Detroit, MI. We arrived to the Church right at the bell (like, literally) to enjoy the Sunday service of the congregation. We were awed and impressed both by the majesty of this grand old cathedral (1910), as well as the strong biblical teachings from the pastors. The congregation gave us a warm welcome, and prayed over our week. Sunday afternoon we settled in, took a nice walk of Detroit city, and learned about "The (endless) List" of jobs needed.

The Church has entered a long term lease with this grand old cathedral, which the Roman Catholic Church offloaded in the recent past. The sanctuary is lovely and very well kept, yet the downstairs fellowship hall needs significant attention. As a Team, we are investing about 200 labor hours per day on the project, and will be rocketing them forward on their goal of having a fully useable downstairs to their facility. The primary duties in these first two days have been demolition and dumpster loading. We have filled two 30 yard dumpsters. We even found a way to make some additional money for the project, by scrapping all the metal we have found! The Team is doing great - healthy and strong. No trip is complete without the daily fun-fun outing. Today, the "Orioles" smoked the "Tigers" at the Bell Isle Wiffle Ball Tournament; rematch tomorrow. Well, then again, it rains every day in Detroit in April!

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