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Growth in Leadership: Featuring Joey Philbrick on the Courts

By Mark Moran (JRHS Class of 2007)

One of the most valued assets of a JRHS education is growth in leadership. Take a short glance at the student population and you will see growth, maturation, and ultimately leadership. It would be hard to miss these characteristics in senior Joey Philbrick who has spent his entire life saturated by the powerful effect of this school. As an alumnus I remember little Joey pulling the tails of my graduate robe and running away giggling. Today he stands tall, a leader on the basketball court at the brink of 1,000 career points, and an example of growth and maturation offered through a JRHS education.

In his four years as a Sentinel, Joey learned some of life’s most important lessons through experience. During the 2022 Championship game the Sentinels were behind several points but their opponents, the undefeated St. Marie’s, were in their signature 2-3 defense, and the team had practiced countless drills to defeat it. Practice took over and the team applied the skills hard earned in practice to come back from a double-digit deficit to win the championship.

2021-2022 Championship Game

2020-2021 Championship Game

Having played basketball since his early youth Joey has participated in several teams in as many roles. Sometimes he needed to be a good follower, other times he had to step up and lead. This year he recognized his role as a senior included setting the example for his teammates in the classroom, the practice court, and in perseverance through tough games. The discernment to decide which to do requires the application of wisdom. Wisdom Joey learned through experience at JRHS.

As a senior he realized teammates come and go year to year, opponents improve game to game, and no two plays turn out the same. This year put into perspective the need to adapt as the situation changes. The team moved to a more challenging league where opponents were more adept, the speed of the game was increased, and the individual skill of the opponent players improved. This is a life lesson that will serve him well applied to the game of life.

2019 CYO Christmas Tournament

This is the value of a JRHS education: It is an environment where young men and women can learn, grow, develop wisdom, and become the leaders so desperately needed in our society today.



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