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International student, Esther Zhou, shares about her JRHS experience thus far!

By Ellie Philbrick ('19)

Esther Zhou joined us this school year as a Sophomore from China. We checked in with Esther to see how things are going after completing her first quarter with JRHS.

"Jesse Remington High School is a very nice school! I think the teachers teach so well. This is a Christian school which means that we have Bible class in the school and we learn about the Bible every Wednesday during Koinonia. I think this gives a good opportunity for every student to grow close to Jesus. We also have more activities in the school. We have done horse riding, archery and Taekwondo so far, but I liked the horse riding the most! This past week, I rode the horse around the ring by myself and we helped the horse people to clean their stalls! It was interesting. I like JRHS, and I think I will happy here!" ~ Esther Zhou

We're blessed to have Esther as part of our community as well as our all of our new International Students this year!

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