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JRHS Mission Team Prepares to Evangelize in Kampala, Uganda

By Mark Moran (Class of 2007)

Ten students and six adults from the Jesse Remington High School (JRHS) community will kick off the mission trip season by boarding an airplane bound for Kampala, Uganda on March 28th to work with Word of Life Fellowship. Once there, the mission is primarily evangelism. The first half of the trip, they are presenting the Gospel to large groups of high school aged students in the area called Palissa; then in the second half of their trip, they are working with the children at the Word of Life International School. It is all for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of Christ, building community, developing cross-cultural relationships, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Headmaster Jeff Philbrick has been working to build lasting relationships with the team at Word of Life Christian School in Kampala, and the students will have an opportunity to sow into this relationship. Marah Langlois (’24) is looking forward to the opportunity to tutor younger students from Word of Life and help them develop their Easter presentation. She is excited to see how this trip will help JRHS develop multicultural relationships with Christian brothers and sisters across the world.

The Uganda Mission team has been working hard to develop and practice short skits that will help them share the truth of the Gospel in easily translated ways. Another way they intend to share the gospel, according to Hailey Chapman (’23), is to visit local schools giving the Three-Circle evangelism method. This method utilizes simple drawings that can help cross language barriers while still sharing the powerful truth of sin and redemption.

The Team has created a 25 minute powerful presentation of the Gospel using narration, drama, mime, song and dance. Each participant is digging deep into the well of gifts and talents to bring them into use for this amazing opportunity.

When they return in April, we are excited to hear what God has done in and through them. Pray that the Lord gives them safe travels, and provides opportunities for them to sow into the lives of the community. Ask the Lord to enrichen the developing relationship with Word of Life Christian School to strengthen both their and our community for the advancement of His kingdom here on Earth.

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