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Kicking off our 28th Year and Staying Focused (Col 3:1-2)

It's been a great season of kicking off the 2019-2020 school year! It's our 28th school year at Jesse Remington High School, and we couldn't be more excited for the direction God is taking us as we "Stay Focused" on Him.

We thank The Higgins' Family for hosting our Annual Faculty & Staff Retreat on August 20th at The Old Salt & Lamie's Inn. It was a wonderful day of prayer, reflection, planning and fellowship. The food and service were amazing, too!

JRHS also welcomed Christopher Knecht (Math, Projects, OE); Brock Allen (English); Amy Smith (College & Career); and Emily Galatis (Marketing) to our team this year! There will be more to come on each new team member in the coming days. We Praise the Lord for meeting our needs in these important areas! Many families had an opportunity to meet our new faculty and staff at our Annual Parent & Staff Potluck on August 25th, and again at Convocation Night on August 26th. If you've not met them yet, please introduce yourself next time you are on campus!

We shared our Prayer Theme and Verse this year at our Retreat, Potluck and Convocation. If you would like a Prayer Card, please let us know! Here is our digital version:

JRHS also shared exciting plans for our upcoming Parenting Partnership Series 2019-2020. We are pleased to announce that we will be offering Two Tracks this year. We'd like to thank Life Church in Manchester for hosting Track One on Wednesday nights! Please click here to learn more about our program and seminar offerings for this year. You can also register for any of the seminars right from that page! The first seminar is on Wednesday, September 25th. Please help us spread the word to other parents in your life. We have brochures available at our office, please take what you need--thank you!

We also rolled out our Expected Student Outcomes on Convocation Night: "Jesse Remington High School seeks to mold students into effective leaders for Jesus Christ through its confident Biblical Worldview and its unique curriculum. Students that graduate from JRHS have been effectively guided by Faculty and Staff such that they are ready to do their part in "Kingdom Advancement" for Christ. They exhibit personal Spiritual Formation, a Biblical Worldview, Academic Formation, varied Skill Development, Formative Relationships, and a high level of Personal and Professional Development." Please click here to read all of our ESO's in full.

Students arrived for their first day of school, also known as Stewardship Day, on August 29th. With their bright smiles and servant's hearts, they spruced up around the campus and beyond (soccer field, sugar shack, walkways, etc.). Our community is grateful for the fine work they did preparing us for a great and shiny start to our school year!

You'll see in the photos below that our new stair project is complete! If you missed our blog article over the summer about this improvement project, please click here to learn more about our latest campus improvement project. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of those who helped make the new stairs possible!

Our community is thankful and blessed by all who invest in the lives of our future leaders for Jesus Christ with their time, talents and resources. We look forward to sharing updates with you throughout the coming year.

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