With our mission firmly held out in front of us, and with a commitment to be both flexible and perseverant, relying clearly on God’s grace and provision, JRHS is going to thrive this new year!

Jesse Remington High School is looking ahead and looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year. We continue to monitor the situation in regard to re-opening safely. We are strongly resolved and committed to opening JRHS this fall semester with an in-person, on-site program. At JRHS, Christian Community is best built and lived out in person, with the day by day experiences of life. Effective learning is best done around a table, as teachers guide students through great material. Maturation towards Christ-like leadership is readily accomplished with profound in-person experiences.

Please call our office at 603-483-5664 for Admissions related questions and to schedule a private tour of our campus.

July 30th Update: 

I know one thing I will be working on this later summer and into the fall is my sense of Gratitude for all things. Perhaps you too have been around people who can only see the negative in our current situation (covid, culture wars, economy, etc), and they seem to pollute the air with a complaintive, negative view of life. Yet, Scripture challenges us to be grateful for all God’s good gifts, and this unprecedented time we live in gives us unparalleled opportunities to “come boldly to the Throne of our gracious God, where we will receive His mercy and we will find His grace to help us when we need it!” Heb 4:16

I’m looking forward to Chapel this year, our opportunity to come together as a community of scholars and teachers to worship, listen, pray and grow together. This integral part of the JRHS experience will look a little different in terms of time and space, but the purpose is the same. Chapel will hold its normal Friday spot, but the new time will be 11:15 to 12:15. For the fall season, we will utilize our lovely Joy Pavilion and lawns for an outdoor chapel. When it gets cold, well, we will have a plan then! 

Blessings to all, Mr. Jeff Philbrick