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Biblical Worldview

Understanding that the predominant worldview of the modern culture is Relativism and Secular Humanism, the student, when fully served by a JRHS education, strives to build principles of the Biblical Worldview into everyday living such that they become salt and light in a post-Christian world.

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Biblical Worldview

Mission Objectives: JRHS aims to create students who can:

  • Articulate a Biblical Worldview and defend it as necessary in the public sphere;

  • Understand the worth of every human person, as a creation of God, made in His image;

  • Show an appreciation of other cultures and traditions;

  • Embrace the habits and practices of justice, mercy, and peacemaking in the home,  school, and community;

  • Understand the Creation and Cultural Mandates, and pursue meaningful work therein;

  • Grow in their ability to worship God in a corporate setting, including prayer, singing, generosity, and serving in the Body of Christ;

  • Manage their consumption of resources, reflecting on the less fortunate;

  • Understand the value of short term mission, learn to travel with purpose for Christ, and grasp the fulfillment that stems from productive work;

  • Embrace Absolute Truth and realize that unchanging truth has everyday relevance in their lives;

  • Create a powerful vision for Kingdom Advancement.

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