Each year Jesse Remington High School receives more than $100,000 in gifts from ministry partners and supporters. These gifts are blessings to the school for which we are grateful. The gifts are provided in one of five funds: Annual, Scholarship, Athletics, Mission Trip and Campus Development. In addition, those who have committed to support regularly are members of our Sentinel Society. When fulfilled, these funds sustain and promote development of the mission of JRHS.

Thank you for supporting the mission of Jesse Remington High School!

Annual Fund (Year-End Gift)

JRHS conducts an Annual Fund campaign each year. Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund are used where they are needed most and are dedicated to enhancing the value of a Jesse Remington Education. Your gift to the Annual Fund will make a difference in the lives of students and faculty by allowing us to strengthen our programs and advance the mission of JRHS which can be summarized as – authentic Christian community, pursuing excellence and promoting leadership.

Our goal is to raise $120,000 to fulfill our plans for the year.

Outdoor Education & Athletics Fund

Outdoor Education is an important part of the JRHS curriculum. OE events offer students challenges and experiences not readily attained by other methods. As part of the integrated experience of a JRHS education, students learn the essential skills of risk taking, collaboration and leadership. Further, the majority of OE events are targeted to offer training to students that have life-long value.

Athletics are an important component for JRHS, offering competition opportunities in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. In addition to offering physical fitness and training to the youth, athletic teams also create school spirit opportunities for the families, staff, alumni, and students.

Our budget for OE activities, fields, gym time, referees and equipment is $9,500.

Scholarship Fund

We recognize that families have differing means and resources available to dedicate towards Christian education, and are committed to making the JRHS educational experience accessible to more families by providing the education for a reduced rate that is indexed to a family’s specific financial situation. This “Indexed Tuition” is our model for tuition affordability at JRHS.


Gifts to our Scholarship Fund support our ability to offer Indexed Tuition. Each year, it is our goal to raise at least $10,000 to be used to supplement tuition for deserving students.

Missions Trip

A primary outcome of a JR education is for the students to view their lives as a mission, and to seriously consider their part in the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. The annual Mission Trip is a profound, life-changing experience towards this end. We have taken trips to serve in important US cities including Philadelphia, NYC, and Washington, DC and to serve in international locations in Haiti, Japan, Hungary, Canada and Switzerland.

Gifts to this fund help reduce the overall cost of the trips for students and staff.

Students raise funds for their trip through seeking personal support, and as a team, funds are raised through work-a-thons, and other school sponsored events. The typical cost per student for a local trip is $800.00 while the typical cost per student for an international trip is $2,500.

Campus Development

We have been blessed with a beautiful, unique and functional campus. The 1820 Schoolhouse and Remington Education Center, the 1850 Church, the 1998 Chapel, the 2000 Communication Center, the 2008 Sentinel – every building and space is unique, each with a fantastic history of hard work by faithful servants and God’s abundant provision. We take stewardship of our buildings seriously, and therefore schedule maintenance and improvement projects each year. Our working budget for maintenance and smaller improvement projects is $11,000 this year.

Sentinel Society

Jesse Remington’s Sentinel Society members are ministry partners who commit to make regular (monthly, yearly, etc.) contributions in an effort to ensure sustainability, growth and development of the JRHS Mission. These members not only give to fulfill the JRHS mission, but they themselves embody and support Christian Community, Excellence in Education and Leadership Development as well.

“I joined the Sentinel Society as part of my ministry giving. I view the staff as missionaries, and supporting the mission of JRHS is one of my most important priorities. As a donor, I feel that I am a part of the great work the School is doing.” -Alumni Parent and Sentinel Society Member

If you are interested in becoming a Sentinel Society member, please give here, and we will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

If you are currently a Sentinel Society member and wish to support online, please do so. We will follow up to confirm that we received your online donation.

Thank you for supporting the mission of JRHS!


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