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International Students

JRHS is SEVIS approved and has welcomed international students for more than a decade representing such countries as the People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Vietnam, several European countries, Ghana, and Haiti.


JRHS is characterized by a close Christian community, small class sizes, rigorous academic expectations and a vibrant and supportive student culture. The majority of the international students that begin their education with JRHS, complete the requirements for High School graduation and have been accepted into U.S. colleges and universities.


Program Description

Our program is designed to address the needs of International students, including providing tutoring, modifications to curriculum and TOEFL preparation combined with challenging course work. Our program provides International Students with the opportunity to increase their proficiency with the English language while being immersed in American culture.  We offer English language instruction in a managed setting using an online curriculum tailored to each individual student.

A typical course of study for International Students includes:

  • Math - appropriate to background and skill

  • English - focusing primarily on writing

  • ELFS (English Language for Foreign Students) for years one and two

  • Humanities – focusing primarily on history and literature

  • Science – physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy

  • Physical Education

  • Project Electives – focusing on hands-on life skills


International students study alongside JRHS students and enjoy the same opportunities to participate in athletics, project classes, clubs and leadership activities.  Students experience American family culture as all international students live with an American host family during the school year.


The spiritual life of the school is integrated into the curriculum.  Learning takes place from the perspective of a Biblical World View.   Students participate in daily devotions, weekly chapel services, regular Bible classes. In addition, annual mission trip experiences provide service and outreach opportunities that challenge students to grow in their faith.

JRHS has an International Student Program Committee that meets regularly to track the performance and well-being of our International Students.

If you have questions about the International Student Program or specifically about tuition and fees, please contact:


JRHS offers a Homestay (Host Family Boarding) program. Our Homestay program places students in a Host Family home. Host Families have undergone a screening process, which includes an application, interview and background check. We have a host family coordinator that works with the host families to guide the process and to serve as a resource to the families.


Host Families have strong ties to the school. Most have children who are students or graduates. They are aligned with the JRHS mission and are committed to providing a caring home environment for students from another country.  We believe that hosting International Students in a family environment provides numerous advantages including:


  • Accelerated English acquisition in a total immersion environment.

  • Ongoing cultural adaptation and understanding

  • Personal attention from a family

  • The homestay includes:

    • A bedroom with dresser, closet

    • A place to study

    • Internet access

    • Three meals a day

    • Transportation to and from school

    • Bathroom and Shower

    • Some weekend excursions with the host family


Health Insurance

For the safety and well-being of all our students, we require that students’ parents sign a medical release permitting the host family to obtain appropriate medical treatment in case of illness or injury. In addition, students are required to have medical insurance covering treatment in the US to provide payment for medical care. JRHS requires that international students obtain health insurance through the school who purchases coverage from ISO International Student Insurance at

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