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Investing in Your Child's Future

Thank you for considering a Jesse Remington High School education. For most families, investing in a child’s education requires careful planning.  Families find that the value of a JRHS education is in the daily fulfillment of our mission.  Our alumni provide testimony that the long-term benefits of a JRHS education outweigh the cost.  A JRHS graduate has been challenged to grow as a committed disciple of Jesus Christ, to grow in wisdom knowledge and understanding complete with a Biblical worldview and is prepared to meet the demands of leadership in the 21st century.

At JRHS we seek to admit motivated students regardless of family resources. Therefore, families who feel the full cost of tuition is out of their reach should not hesitate to visit or apply to the school.  We are here to help you determine the best options for your family with this important investment.

Tuition & Affordability

Tuition and Affordability 2022-2023 Full Time School Program

Tuition (Grades 9-11) = $12,260

Tuition (Grade 12) = $12,560 - Includes costs for graduation, senior trip and one banquet ticket = $12,060

Optional & Other Fees             

Mission Trips – A school fund pays a portion of the cost of the trip through fundraising. Students acquire additional funds via sponsors and the family is responsible for the balance of the cost.
Domestic = $500 (approx)
Foreign=$2,300 (approx)

Clubs – Options vary depending on interest, costs vary depending on club activity = $125-$280

Books – Families are responsible to purchase books, the cost of which varies based on courses  = $100-$400

Incentives & Discounts

Incentive to pay full time tuition Annually - $200

Incentive to pay full time tuition Semi-Annually  -$100

New Student Referral Tuition Program  (Click here to learn more)  - $500

Early Re-enrollment incentive for returning students  -$150

You may be eligible for a tuition discount or you may receive a stipend by serving as a host family providing a safe home, meals and transportation for an international student.  Contact us to learn more! 


It is our goal that no deserving student be unable to attend JRHS for financial reasons. We recognize that families have differing means and resources available to dedicate towards Christian education, and are committed to making the JRHS educational experience accessible to more families by providing the education for a reduced rate that is indexed to a family’s specific financial situation. This “Variable Tuition” is our model for tuition affordability at JRHS.

While every family is expected to contribute to the cost of tuition and to support the JRHS community, the Indexed Tuition program offers an appropriate tuition level making a Christian education at JRHS more accessible. Any family in need of assistance may apply.

To help us to objectively assess what a family is able to contribute toward their child’s education, JRHS uses a secure third-party agency, FACTS Grant and Aid. FACTS evaluates the application based on national and regional data and makes a recommendation to the school. Their recommendation, which is based on the family’s economic profile in consideration of FACTS’ national assessment data, weighs heavily in determining the rate.

If you are interested in applying for Variable Tuition, please click here to apply through FACTS. (A $40 processing fee will be charged).​

Scholarships and Education Freedom Accounts

Your family may be eligible for scholarship funds and/or funds through the Education Freedom Account program to help cover the cost of your tuition. We strongly encourage families who are new to JRHS and who will also be applying for Financial Aid from the school to apply for a scholarship and for funds from the Education Freedom Account program through the Children’s Scholarship Fund-NH.   Please visit their website to learn more and to apply.​

2022-2023 Part-Time School Program


One Credit = $1,640.00

1/2 Credit = $820.00

1/4 Credit = $410.00

Two Credits = $3,280.00

Keyboard and Mouse





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