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Homeschool to Christian School Transition Program

Many of the finest JRHS Graduates over the years have to come to us with a partial or significant homeschooling background.  We invite you to learn more about our Transition Program and how we can partner together to prepare your children for learning beyond the home. 

From the Headmaster

Dear Homeschooling Parents,

Most of us who have homeschooled our children for some or many years, come to the realization that at some point, we need to prepare them for learning beyond the home. Whether it is the high school or college classroom, or even the future workplace, we desire and plan the best for our children. Then, when you add to this the need to academically prepare our children in a diversity of subjects that may be out of our reach without assistance, we have realistic concerns that need an answer. 

My wife and I chose to homeschool our children through elementary school, and wanted something more for them than we could offer for the high school years. We wanted positive and appropriate peer interaction where they could learn lasting people skills; we wanted an academic program that was both broad and rigorous and knew we could not offer that; and we wanted life-forming Christian teachers and mentors imparting life into our children. We are both proud and satisfied parents of four JRHS graduates, and look forward to the years ahead with our fifth child.


Many of the finest JRHS Graduates over the years have come to us with a partial or significant homeschooling background. After a time of learning and adjustment, they have assimilated well into the patterns of school, and have matured and grown immensely.

For those who have concerns about making the transition to full time school, we offer  the Jesse Remington High School “Part Time Program.” We partner with homeschool families to will help your children to: 

  • Learn the patterns of school life, such as changing classes, keeping schedules and deadlines, and managing homework;

  • Learn social interaction in a Christian context, such as problem solving, making good choices, and various forms of communication;

  • Learn academic skills such as note-taking, test taking, time management, sitting and focusing, and group work.


If you are at a point in your homeschooling career when it is time to evaluate the best education for your high school aged children, then I welcome the conversation with you to see if JRHS is a good fit for you. I want you to know that you will be in good company with the high percentage of parents who made the change to JRHS from homeschooling, and are watching their children thrive in the Christian community for which JRHS is known. 

Thank you, 


Jeff Philbrick, Headmaster


We offer part-time programs to choose from to fit your family's needs


A JRHS parent shares their experience of "Making the Jump" from Homeschooling to partnering with JRHS.

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Review courses and costs per credit. 


Contact us today to learn more about out how to get started in our Transition Program! 


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