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About Ken Mason

Ken Mason, is the Chair of the Board. Born in White Plains, NY, and raised in suburban Philadelphia, Ken married his High School sweetheart in 1977 and came to New Hampshire in 1981. Ken attended Philadelphia College of Bible where he was a Pastoral Studies Major. Although he’s never been a full-time Pastor, he has filled several church leadership positions throughout his life.  


Ken spent the bulk of his career in the lithography systems segment of the semiconductor industry, advancing from regional sales through VP of Marketing, over thirty-plus years. Ken’s focus has always been on end-product satisfaction and solid relationships with his customers/clients.  After brief stops in automotive and energy, Ken was attracted to a founding role at HarvestWeb, a unique web-based charity, built to support local food pantries. HarvestWeb has answered his call to be helpful to those in need. Regarding HarvestWeb, Ken says “… for me, HarvestWeb is my reward, not my work.” 


Throughout his life Ken has served on a variety of community, church, and non-profit Boards, devoting his talents to a better community. 


Ken and his wife Ruth-Ellen reside in Manchester, they have three adult daughters and eight grandchildren.  



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