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Formative Relationships

When fully served by a JRHS education, the student comes to realize the importance of right relationships before God, understanding that we are created to live in productive God-honoring communities.

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Formative Relationships

Mission Objectives: By being in community with others through the many opportunities provided by JRHS for stretching their interpersonal boundaries, JRHS students learn to:

  • Pursue multi-generational relationships as a matter of course for their life-giving wisdom and lifelong value;

  • Commit to a mentoring relationship with a Godly mentor;

  • Prioritize 1-2 younger students to serve as a Godly mentor;

  • Continually evaluate the character and direction of all peer relationships;

  • Pursue a Biblical relationship with parents and family members;

  • Practice healthy boundaries on social media (and/or virtual relationships) by showing an awareness of time and exhibiting healthy emotional investment in others;

  • Strive to keep relationships within the proper boundaries of a healthy Christian Community.

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