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About Jeff Philbrick

Jeff Philbrick is the Headmaster and founder of JRHS  and is responsible for overseeing operations. His main focus is on promoting and strengthening the mission of the school, as well as casting vision and strategic planning. He also plays a key role in raising support for various funds such as the Annual, Capital, Financial Aid, and Endowment.


In addition to his administrative duties, Jeff has actively taught in JRHS classrooms since the school's inception in 1992. He has a particular emphasis on the Humanities and this has led him to teach the Junior and Senior College Prep Humanities class in recent years. This class covers subjects such as American Studies and Western Civilization. Jeff is also involved in leading several projects, and perhaps his signature is most readily seen on the "Post and Beam Construction" project. Jeff holds a Masters of Arts in Education from UNH and has received the GSCSA Legacy Award in 2023. He is actively involved in various organizations, including the Granite State Christian Schools Association as a Board Member, the Candia Congregational Church as an Elder, and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges as a Commissioner.


Outside of his professional life, Jeff has been happily married to Kate since 1990. They have successfully raised five children, all of whom attended JRHS. Currently, they are enjoying the role of grandparents. Jeff has a variety of hobbies, including golf, small-scale farming, pond hockey, timber frame building or rebuilding, and leading mission trips. One of Jeff's favorite books is "Habits of the Household" by Justin Earley. His dream goal for JRHS is to see it grow and become a prominent institution in the Christian school landscape of New Hampshire. He envisions JRHS becoming a household name in every Christian family.  He looks forward to a time of increased enrollments such that we can seriously contemplate the legacy campus expansion plan that we can only dream about right now. 


On a personal note, Jeff has accomplished some remarkable feats. With very little effort, he has walked across the Mississippi River (in Itasca Minnesota), and, with the help of a boat, he has stood on a rock at the headwaters of the Nile River (in Jinja, Uganda). 



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