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About Jennifer Trowsdale

Jennifer Trowsdale is a Math Teacher who specializes in Algebra I and Geometry. She began her teaching career as a science teacher in public schools in CT and GA, and also spent 10 years working as a special needs tutor in CT. Additionally, she has dedicated about 25 years to serving her church in various roles such as AWANA leader, Sunday School teacher, Youth Group leader, and children's worker. She has been actively involved in First Baptist of Waterford in Waterford, CT; Church 156 in Niantic, CT; Statham Baptist in Statham, GA; and Harvest Baptist in Hooksett, NH. Jennifer's educational background includes a BS in Environmental Health Science from the School of Agriculture at the University of GA (1996) and a BS in Microbiology from the College of Arts and Science at the University of GA (1998). She also obtained an Alternative Route to Certification from the Department of Higher Education in Hartford, CT (2015). She has received two awards for excellence from Pfizer Inc and has been recognized for her outstanding performance on the General Science Praxis exam.


Jenn has been married to her husband Josh since January 2001, who currently serves as the Lead pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Hooksett. They have two daughters, Emma and Evelyn.  Jennifer and her husband have served in ministry together for 19 years in CT and 3 years in GA before relocating to NH in November 2020. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys various hobbies such as crafting, technology, science, art, whitewater rafting, and building. She particularly enjoys sculpting, drawing, refinishing furniture, painting murals, and painting craft items. Recently, she has developed an interest in the art of shuminagoshi and sewing, expanding her repertoire of arts and crafts. When it comes to literature, Jennifer's favorite author is Jane Austen, and she particularly enjoys reading Emma, which is also the name of her eldest daughter. She has a preference for historical fiction with a female protagonist, but also enjoys science fiction and crime dramas.


Jennifer's main goal as a teacher is to inspire her students to become lifelong learners and to encourage them to be authentic witnesses for Christ.



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