Kingdom Impact
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There has never been a time in our nation’s history that a Christian education is more relevant and essential than today. Jesse Remington High School is better positioned than ever before to make a Kingdom Impact for the fortunate students that attend our school each day.


At Jesse Remington, we are blessed with generous Partners that add to the work through faithful financial partnering with us. This One Day Giving Event – called “Kingdom Impact” – is an opportunity for God’s people to sew life into our school by making a contribution to the Annual Fund. Today, we call upon the JRHS Family to help make an increase in our “Kingdom Impact.“


For those committed to a life in Christ, we know that things like campaign slogans have limited, and short-sighted value. At JRHS, we are training our students to live and work in the here and now, yet keep their sights on the eternal, Kingdom perspective that comes through a life dedicated God.


You can help bring about a stronger JRHS, now starting our 30th year, by making a contribution to this One Day Giving Campaign. By investing in us, you will help us bring about these outcomes in our students, such that they become culture shapers into their future.


  • Academic Formation- the JRHS graduate is prepared to succeed in the challenges of college ahead;

  • Spiritual Formation – every day is an opportunity for our Faculty to sew eternity into the hearts of every student;

  • We train our students to own a Biblical Worldview, the ability to see and interpret the world through the lens of Scripture;

  • Skill Development – through our unique and rich Project Based Learning Program, students grow in an array of skills transferable to other life pursuits;

  • JRHS students grow towards Relational Excellence, learning to value people who can held build their path forward;  

  • And lastly, every student graduates JRHS with a Personal and Professional Toolbox, loaded with assets for the next phases of life.


We are asking you to please join the cause today and make your contribution to this great academy that is raising up the future leaders preparing to go make their mark for Christ in this world. Thank you!