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Alumni Update: Checking in with Aidan Jeanes (‘22)

We recently checked in with Aidan Jeanes (Class of 2022), who’s currently pursuing a Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Geneva College in PA. We wanted to see how his college experience has been so far.

Aidan said that Geneva and JRHS are very similar in a few ways, but primarily the community aspect. He said that “Once everyone moved in and settled down it became clear that community is an important aspect of Geneva. Living close with all of your friends, Bible studies and other social events all help build and support the community at GC.”

We’re excited to hear that Aidan is excelling in all of his classes. So far the greatest challenge for Aidan’s transition from JRHS to Geneva was getting acclimated to the new environment. “Getting to know people was tough at first but eventually became fairly easy. Academically speaking my greatest challenger has definitely been organic chemistry, “ added Aidan.

Aidan credits the workload at JRHS for preparing him for college. He’s seen his peers “panic” with their assigned work, while Aidan says “I didn’t think much of it.” He also added that the emphasis on writing at JRHS prepared him to be successful in his studies.

In just a couple of months, Aidan as well as many of our 2022 Graduates will be completing their first year of college. We look forward to checking in with them and sharing their stories with our community. We’re so encouraged and thankful that Aidan was well-prepared for life after JRHS.

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