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Catching up with Team San Antonio


"Today's house we went to was really great because we were able to actually talk to the house owner and hear a little about her story, rather than just getting to the owner's house and getting straight to work. The work we did today was somewhat similar to yesterdays, in what we were doing although there were some differences, but nothing much. It felt really great to see how Silvia felt about our work, and that showed me a lot today how God is using us. Hearing her say that she was so appreciative of the work we were doing made me and probably all of us feel really good. We definitely did God's work by helping Silvia out." ~ Benjamin

This morning the Lord had blessed us with fantastic weather. Though it is supposed to reach a high of 90o today, our team got to work under the shade of the clouds, keeping us out of the heat. We were able to finish up all of the roofing on Sylvia's house, which was really important because the contractors who she had paid to fix her home were dishonest and left her house in a bad state. After getting to hear part of her story and getting to know her, I wanted to do the work even more because I knew how much it meant to her. Once our team finished up our work we spent some time saying goodbye to Sylvia. After working, our team enjoyed a quick treat at McDonald’s with Charles, our job site handyman. It truly is a blessing being able to get to work with these people and to build relationships with them. ~ Silas Jeanes 


Today we had lots of fun. I am on team one with Silas, Kevin, Andrew, Ben, Jessica, Mrs Sicard, and Mr. Burger. Let me just say the weather today was amazing. There was the hot sun with a nice refreshing breeze. Anyways, when we went to this house, it looked very old. The homeowner's name was Miss Gloria. She was a very sweet and caring person. When I got up on the roof for the first time, the section we were on was very secure.  When we were ripping off the old shingles, Andrew and I found two holes in the roof. One was about the size of a couch cushion and the other was the size of a foot.  It  was very difficult to rip off the old shingles. There were a lot of layers. Miss Gloria went out and bought us tacos. That was very sweet of her. Around 1:30 pm all eight of us were on the roof doing our own job. Silas, Jessica, and I were on drilling duty. We were drilling the new wood into the old wood to make it more secure. Today we finished our work by putting the first layer which is the base layer. We all got off the roof and hydrated. We all have to drink lots of water the whole week to make sure we don't get dehydrated. We talked to the homeowner and she started crying and told us how much she appreciated it. I felt so warmed that I am helping people in need and I will gladly help more - Mia DeCristoforo

Last night we had a crazy storm roll through. While in the Tower of America we saw dark clouds with lightning going through them. Thinking nothing of it we went home to go to bed but that storm had made its way overhead and poured nickel sized hail. The lightning was shooting very frequently giving the sky a yellow tint however, when I woke up today it was beautiful outside. In the morning it was mid 60’s without a cloud in sight, as the day went on it only got to 74 with minimal clouds. The weather the prior night was a scare for today making it look like we wouldn’t be able to work on the wet roofs but it ended up being a very good day for working allowing us to bless more people with safer homes. - Andrew Carlson

After our evening devotions we went on a walking and boat tour of the San Antonio Riverwalk area. We even had a photo with an Alamo Ranger at the Alamo. 

Tomorrow is our last day of building work and we are all looking forward to bringing our jobs to completion. 

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