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Jeff and Corinne Pryor – winners of the “Sugar House” print by Jonalyn Fincher

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

We were blessed to gift Jeff and Corinne Pryor, alumni parents, with the very special commissioned painting of the Sugar House by NH artist, Jonalyn Fincher, from our Kingdom Impact One Day of Giving" in September . We asked Jeff and Corrine to share some high points of their Jesse story.

"Our 3 girls went to JRHS from 2006 to 2013 and I think we still have the rare distinction of having 3 students enrolled at the same time! Melanie graduated in 2010 and is now a JRHS Board Member. Alyssa graduated in 2011, and Madeline in 2013. Our 2 married daughters are married to JRHS graduates Chris Dibona (2011) and Joel Whitlock (2008).

We also hosted two international students Hannah Cho (2011) and Jenny Woo (2014), our Korean daughters! Corinne served consecutive terms on the school board from 2006 – 2016, and Jeff carved his reputation as one of the most helpful and supportive parents.

We loved the sugar shack experience from the work of collecting, processing and marketing. The Maple Sugaring project offered an unparalleled learning experience in business, responsibility and teamwork. Our new print has landed above our mantel as part of a rotating seasonal display giving us a smile and a sense of peace.

Our whole family was greatly impacted by the mission trips every year. Each year, JRHS benefitted from planning and leadership help from Jeff or Corinne and some years both. Their mission years included 2 trips to NYC, Canada and Hungary, and one trip to Philadelphia, Switzerland and Washington DC. All told, we were part of 9 trips during our years as parents!

All this played a role in developing a spirit of service and gratitude for our good Lord. The school was indeed the vital “third leg of the stool”, as I have often heard Headmaster Philbrick describe parenting as best done with a strong family, strong church and strong school. Our girls were well prepared and grounded so they could successfully attend secular schools after graduating from JRHS. They excelled in business, nursing and pharmacy."

After graduating from JRHS, Melanie attended UNH and earned a degree in Hospitality Management, Alyssa attended UNH with a degree in Nursing and Maddie attended UNE for a degree in Pharmacy.

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