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Last work day for Team San Antonio


"Today was our last day at work, we have done all the work as a team. I am very proud of my team, we have done so well, we worked very hard. Even though the weather was so hot, but we all continued to help each other to fix up the house. I am really appreciative of people that I have worked with, they have all been successful, and we all participated very well, and always encouraged each other. And we used a lot of positive language, being respectful to each other, meanwhile, we had a positive attitude."  – Jessica F.

"Today, we had our last working day. The weather was really nice today, but after lunch, it was so hot. We hammered with hammers and nails to fix the roof. I moved the trash and cleaned up the fallen nails on the ground with a magnet stick. Our Team 1 had good teamwork. Ben is good at carrying heavy things and he is an assistant next to Mr.Bugher with Andrew. Mia, Jessica, Mrs.Sicard and I cleaned up the trash and carried and delivered items needed by others. Today I went up on the roof and hammered for the first time. The weather was so nice while I was at work that I took a little nap on the roof in the sunshine. It felt really good. After work was over, we said goodbye to the Homeowner. The homeowner told me “thank you” in Korean. I was really impressed. I was really happy to see my homeowner today. I think it’s truly a blessing that others can feel happiness with our help. I thank Jesus and God for allowing me to feel these blessings."  - Kevin S.

"This week, our team worked together. I saw everyone work hard and we helped each other. My relationship with my classmates was more harmonious. Mr. Sam and I always worked together, I think he is a funny guy. And Mrs.Riardon was very friendly, she always encouraged me. I learned a new skill, we met Nick and he taught us how to build the roof. I learned how to use a hammer and nails. Yesterday we went to the park and we took a boat to see the scenery along the River Walk in San Antonio. We saw a lot of bridges and tall buildings, they were really beautiful. In this experience, I think we can help others to see the love of Christ in us, so that they can know Jesus. I like this mission trip and Texas." - Esther Z.

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