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Seniors Talking Turkey

How often do you hear a story today about a young person who is overwhelmed with debt or has destroyed their credit score before they even realize why that matters? It seems the younger generation is often learning financial lessons the hard way. At JRHS, our goal is to give our students tools to face the financial issues of life with wisdom and preparation. As our seniors are getting ready to set out on their own, they are equipped through our Money Management Class. This class covers a wide range of topics such as how to prepare for emergencies within a realistic budget, the importance of a credit score and how to improve it, how to use debt wisely, and the importance of saving for retirement. Along the way, we have a lot of laughs and even the occasional guest speaker who teaches us about investing in the stock market. This class seems to be a lot of fun for the teacher as well, since Mrs. Michalman says this is her favorite time of the week.

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