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Summer Project Update: New Stairs!

This year's capital project is underway - a new stair entrance into the upstairs of the Remington Education Center! If you have been one of the fortunate thousands who have labored to the school offices via the steep stairs (affectionately known as the "The Ladder") your knees will be relieved this fall to find smooth, graceful and attractive stairs leaving the front walk to the left of the porch, arriving to the soon-to-be-designed door into the office. This week, we have had several eager volunteers, doing it all from pouring concrete to building the frame. 

This is one of three main summer projects, made possible by the generosity of our donors, matched by a grand from the Cogswell Benevolent Trust. Other projects on this year's goal of making our campus safer and more secure include replacement of the underground data wire to the Communication Center, and installation of monitored cameras at main access points of prominent entrances at the school.

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