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About Steve Baker

Steve Baker,  School Chaplain and Board Member, has been dedicated to Jesse Remington High School since 2014. In these roles, he has been able to support and serve the JRHS family in various ways. With a Master of Divinity in Biblical Communication and as a Pastor at Candia Congregational Church, Steven brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his positions.


Steve and his wife, Theresa, were married on July 12, 2014, and they are blessed with two wonderful children, Lily (5) and Elijah (3). Their family enjoys embarking on exciting adventures, such as camping and engaging in water activities during the summer, as well as hitting the slopes in winter. Recently, Steve and his family have been cherishing the moments spent watching Lily and Elijah explore new experiences and face new challenges. Whether it's camping, skiing, swimming, tubing, or simply playing on the playground and forming new friendships, each moment brings immense joy to their lives.


When it comes to reading, Steve finds it difficult to choose a single favorite book due to his diverse interests, ranging from theology to science fiction. However, he does have a collection of authors who occupy a significant amount of space on his bookshelves, both physical and virtual. Some of these authors include Timothy Keller, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Rebecca McLaughlin, Rachel Gilson, Brandon Sanderson, Ernest Cline, and James Corey.


In his role as Chaplain, Steve's desire is for the faculty, staff, and students to not only know God but also to experience the joy of His presence. Steve believes that many of us know God but few think about what it means to enjoy His presence.


Lastly, Steve has had the opportunity to dine at the oldest restaurant in the world, and the experience did not disappoint!

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