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Alumnus Spotlight: Camden Stockin ('22)

By Camden Stockin ('22)

My name is Camden Stockin, and I graduated from Jesse Remington High School in 2022. Since then, I have been involved in various ministries with the World Race and Dreamer’s Ranch in Windham, NH. My work with the World Race has taken me to several different countries, including Guatemala, Romania, Bulgaria, South Africa, the Kingdom of ESwatini (formerly known as Swaziland) India, and Nepal, where I have participated in all sorts of life-changing ministries. Currently, I am stationed in Gainesville, GA, where I work as a staff member for the World Race and I also work at a local farm. 

Jesse Remington High School was the launching pad for where I am today, thanks to the teachers pouring into me and pushing me to pursue God as well as a strong education. They mentored my growth in these areas by the way they lived and taught. It was never just math or humanities. The Lord was in nearly every class conversation in one way or another, whether we were talking specifically about the Lord, or indirectly by the way the teachers taught with kindness and gentleness. The mission trips organized by JRHS that I participated in helped open my eyes and my heart to the importance of missions, and they deepened my zeal for the Lord. As a freshman, I was able to be a leader on our mission trip to Dreamer’s Ranch which was a springboard for subsequent leadership roles on three more mission trips.

My time at Jesse Remington has prepared me well for success and encouraged me to seek the Lord’s will for my life’s service to Him. I am equipped to serve in both practical and educational capacities and will be pursuing long-term missions as a career. Although I miss the experiences of high school, I am fully prepared for today, and would not trade my time at Jesse Remington for anything! 

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